4 Cue Wireless Firing System

4 Cue Wireless Firing System
4 Cue Wireless Firing System
4 Cue Wireless Firing System
4 Cue Wireless Firing System

Confetti Sky

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NEVER HAND LIGHT your fireworks again! This 12 Channel Wireless Firework System is a great introduction to the world of wireless/remote lighting. Featuring a fully programmable receiver which affords a simple and cost effective way to expand your systems capabilities as your show grows year after year!

Transmitter: (latest 2nd generation transmitter)

- handheld 12 channel transmitter 
- "fire all" and "sequential fire" buttons
- 433 MHz frequency; standard with all our systems; unique factory codes allow multiple systems to operate simultaneously in the field
- maximum range is approx. 300m (984 feet) with direct line of sight
- requires 1 x 9V battery (not included) 

Receiver: (latest 4th generation receivers); we sell extra receiver

- newest 4th generation receivers; compatible with older generations and all firing systems Confetti Sky offers
- FULLY PROGRAMMABLE; program 1 or all 4 channels on the receiver to the same or different cue - endless possibilities
- EXPANDABLE; add receivers as you grow or simply replace damaged receivers
- firing capacity; (1-2) safety consumer igniter (with lower voltage systems fire only one consumer igniter) or (3-4) e-match display igniters (best wired in parallel)
- each receiver requires 4 x "AA" batteries (not included)

What you will receive:

(1pc) 12 channel transmitter; (1pc) 4 cue receivers; (1pc) manual